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Dancing in the Clouds
"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no end. And dreams are forever."
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15th-Feb-2010 09:28 pm(no subject)
And people wonder why I hate Columbus? Quote from one of his letters that was in a book I just read:

"They should be good and intelligent servants, for I see that they say very quickly everything that is said to them; and I believe that they would become Christians very easily, for it seemed to me that they have no religion. Our Lord pleasing, at the time of my departure I will take six of them from here to Your Highnesses in order that they may learn to speak."

They had religion, they could speak. Screw Columbus. The fact that we still have a holiday set aside to celebrate this man is disgusting....
7th-Feb-2010 08:00 pm - Ugh
So on Friday Adam and I went to see Kiss' last middle school performance. He was "the other" grandpa in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He did awesome! I was kind of miffed by Adam's boss (who has kids who were in the show) saying that they "could have done better." O_o They're in middle school dude. For their ages their did awesome. if you want more refined talent go to the high school show next week. For many of these kids it was their first show ever. How stupid...
Then Adam was talking to someone related to marching band. Apparently the guy's extremely religious. He takes one look at my favorite necklace and asks me "What's the meaning of that to you?" It doesn't have much meaning other than I found it in Adam's room the one day while we were cleaning it and I really liked it so I claimed it as mine. lol He starts stuttering about how he doesn't want to tell me the "real meaning" because it'll "ruin it for me." Uhh, kay? Why even bring it up then? He ends up telling me anyways. According to him it symbolizes the devil. Only thing I could find was a post by an Eclectic Pagan saying that the necklace to her symbolized the four elements (one for each dragon claw) and that the different color ball held stood for a different thing depending on the color. True meaning aside.... It just really irked me that he assume that I was a Christian and that finding out my necklace to him had some kind of Satanic meaning would totally ruin it for me.
I was close to telling him "Oh, that doesn't matter. I'm an atheist anyway." But Adam respects the guy and I really didn't feel like getting a religious lecture (which from what Adam told me later on I'm sure I would have gotten). I just shared "the look" with Adam and excused myself. But seriously.... I'm sick of people just automatically assuming that I'm a Christian. A large percentage of the world isn't Christian. Assuming that someone you're having a conversation with is just makes you seem ignorant and rude.
19th-Dec-2009 06:02 pm - "We're gonna change the world"
Ahhhhhhhhhh! Captain Eo is coming back to Disneyland in February! Ahhhhh! <3

For those of you who don't know Captain Eo, it was a huuuuge deal way back when 3D was first becoming popular. Michael Jackson (of course, who else do I get this excited for??) and George Lucas are two of the big names associated with it. At the time it was the most expensive film ever produced on a per-minute basis, averaging out at $1.76 million per minute ($30 million total). Now a days the special effects are cheesy, but I'm still totally pumped... even though in reality I'm never going to make it out there to see it. :(

It's just really awesome that a petition I was involved in actually accomplished something. So many fans showed an interest that Disney was finally like... "Hey, we're missing out by not bringing it back for them."

You can watch it on YouTube... Although it's not as cool:

Part One:

Part Two:

He's such a cutie. ^_^

So yeah, I'm totally stoked even though I won't be able to go. Have fun to all the fans who can though and make a stop with flowers at Neverland for me. :)

I'm really sick of people getting so offended when people say "Happy Holidays." Seriously? Do you have your head up your butt? I get that Christians make up the majority of America, but my goodness there are other holidays that take place in December! Chanukah/Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice (which was actually there first celebration wise), Boxing Day, sometimes Ramadan, and New Years Eve is usually also included.

And for the people fighting to "win back" their holiday, I've got some news for you. The majority of your traditions are pagan. The Christian holiday replace Saturnalia and the Winter Solstice. That's why Christmas is on December 25th when in all probability it's not even the correct date for the birth of Jesus. The earliest reference to Christmas being marked on December 25 comes from the second century after Jesus' birth and Pope Julius I *decided* it would be that day. Most likely in an effort to convert pagans.

Let's take a look at the things people claim are Christian:

Christmas trees? Existed long before Christianity. The modern Christmas tree originated in Germany pre-Christianity. But the Germans got it from the Romans, who got it from the Babylonians and they got it from the Egyptians. The hanging of ornaments is originally pagan as well. (And I've also heard that the practice of cutting down trees and taking them home to decorate them with gold and silver is even condemned in the book of Jeremiah, but I've never read the Bible in full so I can't say for certain.)

Yule log? Used in a rite of Teutonic nature worship.

Holly wreath? Used as an offering to the fairy people of the forests as refuge from the harsh winter weather. During the Saturnalia, exchanged as tokens of friendship.

Mistletoe? You guessed it. Pagan... But usually led to massive orgies instead of simple kissing.

Gift giving? You guessed it. Pagan.

(I'm sure I forgot some)

I also don't get websites like this:


It basically gives a list of stores that still say "Merry Christmas." Seriously... If you're trying to make a stand for a Christian Christmas and not a secular Christmas, why are you shopping for gifts? In all seriousness, shouldn't you be focusing on the birth of Christ and worship? I'm just confused. You want to "put Christ back in Christmas" but you're still celebrating a secular Christmas?

I love the people who get completely baffled when they find out I'm an atheist who celebrates Christmas. Yeah... A secular version with snowmen and reindeer that talk, guy in a big red suit, and presents. Christmas to me is about my family, good food, and the gifts. Always been that way. I also get amused by the people who say "Merry Christmas" to me after I say "Happy Holidays" as if it's going to piss me off. Sorry, it just makes you look like a douche in my opinion. Don't get my wrong, I have no problem with people wishing me a Merry Christmas. I have an issue with the people who do it in a way to make it seem like they're better than you or in an attempt to push your buttons.

I just feel like if you're going to try and claim something as yours and all yours with no other influences, you should at least know the whole story behind it AND actually celebrate it the way that you claim the rest of the world should. Although considering not all of us are Christian, the idea of forcing us all to celebrate Christmas your way is just ridiculous. I think I have more respect for the Christians against Christmas movement because they're actually sticking to their guns about the holiday being strictly about their religion.
12th-Nov-2009 02:26 am - Going Friends Only
So livejournal has really retarded rules. Apparently you can't removed yourself from other peoples friends lists, so as of right now I'm going completely private. Sorry if you're a non-lj user who reads my journal. I'll probably post most political stuff public still, but other than that unless you want to get a lj there won't be much. I tried contacting livejournal and all they told me was it's not against the rules. Eff that. I should be able to control who my lj is linked to. I'm tempted to go elsewhere to keep a blog, but for now I'll just go friends only.

And now off to try and get these damn projects done since UB's servers were down almost all day today.
10th-Nov-2009 02:21 am - Keep the Faith
Cause I'm in a bad mood and need some MJ lovin' to get me through the night.

RIP <3 Your music still keeps me strong.
4th-Nov-2009 03:58 am - Rant
I am soooo fucking sick on my online professor. If you ask her for clarification on any project her response is "I do not pre-grade." I asked her what kind of layout she wanted for our evaluation of electronic library materials and got that exact answer. Now today I get my graded paper back with her asking where my intro and conclusion were? Excuse me? It says nothing about needing one anywhere on the assignment page. It says to evaluate three different items and, according to her email, the style of doing so is up to you. I know I probably shouldn't be complaining (I still got an A-), but I read over ALL the documents for this class. Today, after I check my grade, I noticed that there's a new section posted in the course documents that I haven't noticed before. Her guidelines for writing papers. Wonder when she decided to sneak that one in. Fucking bullshit. When trying to figure out how to write this stupid paper I scoured the class course documents for anything to help me and found nothing. fjasdlkajfal;kjjfvnigjkh

Oh and I did ever mention this lovely gem after I put just that I wish to remain in the area to working the Erie Country Public Library system instead of the *BUFFALO* and Erie Country Public Library system? Her response to me:

"Erie, PA? Erie Co, Ohio public library system? The one in NYS is named the BUFFALO and EC Public Library. Please learn the name of the system here. It is NOT named the Erie County System. It isn't. Just look at the name on the buildings-- even in the suburbs they have to acknowledge the name of the system is the BUFFALO and Erie County Public Library. "

She did this twice. Since I'm in two of her online class and simply copy pasted my answers to the first assignment to introduce ourselves. I got her "correction" loud and clear the first time through, but since there's no edit button I couldn't do anything about it for the other class. I've worked for the system for six fucking years. If someone was dumb enough to think that after saying I live in Lancaster, NY and want to stay in the area that I mean Erie, PA or Ohio they'd be quite the moron.

Needless to say I will be avoiding any further classes with her like the plague and giving her a HORRIBLE review at the end of the semester. How the fuck does someone so dumb manage to become not only a professor but a librarian...? *headdesk*
2nd-Nov-2009 02:19 am - Andy Quote
So Adam and I stopped by my house on Halloween to pick up our pumpkins... Which we still didn't get around to carving.  Anywho... My siblings plus Andy were getting ready to go out trick-or-treating. Big thing in my house-hold when someone's wearing something a bit revealing is to just yell hooch. Alicia walks downstairs with a low cut shirt on and I just go "Hooch." Nothing new. Andy however decides to respond with this charm while all of my family is in ear shot:

"Just because she has big boobs doesn't mean she's a hooch."

Cue everyone dying laughing (including my parents).

And Andy continues:

"Was that inappropriate?"


30th-Oct-2009 02:48 am(no subject)
So I've been wanting an MJ layout for my livejournal for quite some time now but haven't been able to find one. Myspace layouts galore though... The one layout I managed to find didn't give the codes,even though it said feel free to take. O_o

So I did some illegal editing of another layout I found. Bad me, I know. But I don't know how to design from scratch. *shrug*

I dunno if I like how the header fits with the rest of the layout, but I was supposed to be up finishing my Halloween costume not goofing around with an MJ layout. Oops! lol

I'll probably mess with it some more at a later time when I should be working on homework. :P

Check it out if you so wish. :)
28th-Oct-2009 11:30 pm - This Is It
So it's no secret that I'm a Michael Jackson fan through and through. I have a connection to his music that most people don't. Most people are lucky enough to not experience the overwhelming depression that makes you feel like your life isn't worth living. If it hadn't been for his music (particularly Keep the Faith) I don't know if I'd be here today. I don't know if I'd be living the life I am now. Happy, healthy, whole. I know it's difficult for people to understand. I know that people don't get why I cry when his music plays now.

Last night Adam and I went to the midnight showing of "This Is It." Simply amazing. There were times when I was watching it and I just couldn't believe that he was gone... It's difficult to accept when a person was never really in your life. They were never there to begin with so how do you deal with them not being there? But even though he wasn't there in person through his music he was a very large part of my life.

Emotions aside, at the age of 50, Mike still had it. Smooth criminal was probably my favorite performance out of the whole thing with Thriller and Man in the Mirror coming in very close behind. While it's obvious that a lot of it was still just in the beginning stages and that a lot of the time he was just marking as performers do in rehearsals, there are shinning moments through out. And even in the roughest areas his genius shines through. His humor also shows through which is something even more important to me. While Michael always wanted his privacy and as a fan I could respect that, the public always lost sight of his human side. This movie brings it back to the forefront, IMO.

There's so much to gush about and I could sit here all night. I want to see it again really bad! I know for sure that I will be buying the DVD as soon as it's released! :)
We miss your smile, Michael. <3
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